Friday, July 28, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your July 16 airmail jobby today. Also got one from Erv and a v-mail from Coe. Last but not least, a nice big package from Jack and Hilah. It was full of peanut clusters, caramels, lemon drops, taffy bars and three magazines. Was sure surprised. That calls for another letter.

This guy John Collins that Harry brought down has a nice name. I wish I had one or two. He also sounds a little on the wolf side. Making eyes at Bernadine, hey? Are you sure he didn’t get any closer to the immediate family? I’ve had a heart murmur several times but it never got me anything but more gray hairs.

Every time you mention the Steak n’ Shake I get rumblings in my stomach. Sure would go for a civilian hamburger again. The army variety winds up being more in the nature of a meatloaf. It’s good tho. Tomorrow we have our P.X. rations again. We can buy a couple cans of beer too. Sure will lap that up.

They now tell us we can send home picture postcards from Rome, Naples, Pompeii and vicinity so I’ll relieve myself of a batch of them. I imagine Chick has already sent most of the same kind home already. I’ve seen dang near everything that the postcards show. Couldn’t work up much enthusiasm over those ruins tho. I expect if I’d had to pay a thousand or so to come over here I’d probably get a bigger kick out of it. That’s life tho.

Are you thinking of going into the movie business? You don’t need to know how to run a movie camera to be quite a girl with me. I’m glad you have pictures of Mom and Dad. How did you ever get Dad to do any posing? You must be a miracle worker.

Erv told me about Mae changing jobs in his letter too. Nothing like bettering oneself so I don’t blame her. She sure takes this war serious and that’s for sure. Can’t say she doesn’t have the right idea either — I wish a few more would too, maybe we’d get this over with instead of leaning back and trying to coast their way in.

Yes, it was mighty nice of Chick to send the fifty. I’d been sitting alright too if it hadn’t been for that sojourn in Rome. That deflated me. Takes a long time to gather any substantial amount at 29.60 a month.

Guess Erv and my plans have gone the way of all plans that the Barbers make. The way his letter sounds he can’t get away either. He’s planning on us four going in our car for a nice trip pretty strong so I sure hope the old hack don’t fold up on us. I don’t like the idea of Dad spending all his dough on the dang thing tho. In fact, I don’t like the idea of spending any dough on it. Can’t understand why it should need all those things.

Got a lot of letters to write tonight so guess these two pages will have to do till next time.

Sure love you and miss you so much.

So long now.


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