Saturday, August 5, 1944

Dearest Gee.

No letter from you again last night. Received two packages of Hershey bars from Mildred, three bars to each package. Will have to write her a thank you note. Also got a nice long typewritten jobby from Sis. I like them kind I can lean back and read for half or three quarters of an hour. You’ve been turning out some nice long ones yourself. I just can’t seem to get with it. I got three v-mails last night (got Mildred’s and Sis’s night before last), one from Coe, Florence, and Mae. Mae told me about her changing jobs and planning on seeing the show with you. She’s also all worked up about the war being over pretty soon. Hope she’s right.

Signed my application form for a ballot today and sent it. Figure I’d better get in my two cents worth. It’s one of the few privileges left we can do. Also got my European campaign ribbon with one star in it. I think we are supposed to get some kind of a combat badge but haven’t heard anything about it more about it. It’s supposed to mean a little extra dough. I can use it. We got our new qualification medals the other day too. Expert with the B.A.R. and Sharpshooter with the rifle. Expert is as high as they go but I don’t know how I ever got that.

How long is Es staying with you? You’re getting a nice long visit with her, aren’t you? Expect Billy and Harry [junior] sure have a time.

Haven’t heard anymore from Chick or Erv. I forget now but I think I owe Erv a letter. Keep forgetting who I write to, and who I don’t.

I pulled a good one on one of the folks letters. Didn’t put in the last page. I’ll bet they thought what the hell, huh? Guess I’ll have to watch it or I’ll lose my commies.

Lord, haven’t you received that packaged yet? It must be coming by the way of the North Pole. Hope you got your bracelet for your birthday. I’m wondering what you have planned for the occasion. The bracelet can serve two purposes as I bought it on our anniversary and sent it for your birthday. Hope you like it and have a nice birthday.

Don’t know what to do with this campaign ribbon. If we would get the star for the other one and get the rest all at once I could send all that crap home. Sure don’t need it over here. From what I read I guess they are a dime a gross in the States. All the U.S.O. commandos can buy them. If they want to make them an honor they ought to put the clamp to such stuff as that. If they want to earn one I’ll gladly change places with any of them.

Sis sent a clipping of the [Foro Mussolini] Rest Center at Rome. Quite a place, ain’t it? You’d really have to see it to appreciate it. Old Muss didn’t spare the dagoes money when he built that. Suppose if he figured on the Allies using it he wouldn’t have put in so much time and money.

We sure are sweating out those Russians and the Normandy beachhead. Sounds like they are both doing all right at present. Don’t think it will last much longer. Sure hope not.

I’m all run out of conversation now. Will have to see you later. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


Entrance to the Foro Mussolini Rest Camp mentioned in Snook’s letter. Source:

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