Thursday, August 3, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Haven’t heard from anyone for two days now. Maybe I’ll catch a couple tonight. Didn’t write any letters last night or night before but thought I’d better rip a piece of one off tonight. Am writing this in the afternoon as we’re having some prize fights tonight that I want to go see. I missed the other bouts the first time and the guys all said they were good.

Doug sure is sweating out his camera. He’s received everything but the camera so now he can hardly wait. I sent the three batches of prints to the base censor the other day so you should be getting them in a couple months or so — providing they pass. There wasn’t anything of any military value to them so I can’t see why they shouldn’t. There should be twenty-two pictures I think.

Am sweating out this other affair at home. Your next day letter didn’t say anything more about it. Hope they talk him out of it. Does Erv know anything about it yet?

They really are cutting loose on the Normandy front and the Russian front so I don’t look for it to last long. That’ll be the day, won’t it?

Well, honey, I’ll try and write a better letter tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have more to write about. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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