Wednesday, August 9, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Long time no here again. Got a letter from Erv yesterday and that’s all. Maybe tonight I hope, the sack will come in. When I don’t get any letters then I haven’t anything to write about.

Haven’t you received that package yet? Lawd, Lawd, wonder what’s the matter? It’s been almost two months. Hope you got your bracelet in time for your birthday. Tomorrow’s the big day, isn’t it? I’m not even going to ask you how old you are, because I know that’s taboo. I think I know tho. I do hope you have a good dat. Comes on your month off too.

Just finished taking a spit bath. It helps considerable. There is generally a good breeze blowing tho but you don’t have to do any work to get up a sweat.

Well, I had to break off the letter and now that I got started again I got two letters from you and one from Mom. Yours was dated the 29th and 30th. Mom’s was dated the 30th too. Guess you had quite a time for the anniversary at that. The entertainment sounded good. Anytime Mom gets the notion to fix a feed that’s plenty of entertainment for my money. Mildred told me about going to take the gang for the feed at the union building. I’ll bet that set her back plenty. You really must’ve had a time getting ready by the way your letter reads. Honest to Gawd when I read some of your letters I end up all out of breath. Felt just like I’d been running a mile. Why are you always in such a rush? You’re always in a hell of a hurry to go some place or just tired out from doing something. Slow down, kid, you’ll burn out a bearing. I’m sure glad I wasn’t there when they came after the piano. I know just the trouble they had. I’ll bet they had a time getting the stairway apart, didn’t they. I know I sure put the nails in the thing and said then that I hoped we’d never have to move the dang thing. Who paid for the moving. Mrs. Fleshner? If we ever do have another one we’ll have it in a downstairs.

Before I forget, thanks for the stamps. I had just bought another dollars worth but I can always use them. This paper is sure taking a beating, isn’t it? I’m keeping it in the portfolio that Chick gave me and the paper is too big for the dang thing. Got about twenty five pages to go.

So Jenny has been doing a little hostess work for the G.I.s hey? If she keeps on at that rate she is going to find out for sure about that little matter that’s been troubling her. And I think you know what I mean. Just so you don’t get caught in the mesh.

I’m glad the film turned out so good. The film of Mom and Dad will be nice to keep and show all the great grandchildren. Yes, I know how much you hate to have your picture taken. I’ll bet they had to hogtie you. And you only showed them three times! Mom said in her letter she wished she could get to see them so I hope you invited them over to see it too. One of those jobs would be swell to have over here if a guy could haul it around and get film for it. I could use those funny papers you have hoarded up, also some of those nice candy bars. They sure help to fill in the empty space sometimes. Boy, they sure are worrying about Chick in the papers, ain’t they. Wonder what they’d do if he got wounded. He’d about make the headlines, hey? I hope you aren’t planning on getting the anniversary cards back, are you? If you are let me know and if it’s possible I’ll send them back. Can’t promise. Mom said Chick lost the film of me on the motorcycle. That’s the first I heard of that. I would have like to have had that one too. It was the only one I had of me on the Anzio beachhead.

That guy in Sam’s tire shop must have had quite a jolt. I think I know what must have happened and if that’s what it was he was lucky it didn’t knock his head off. What is Sam doing now. I never thought he’d give up his tire shop.

Well, if Florence is an open city someone ought to tell the Jerries that because I don’t think they know it.

I slipped in the Orderly room to type this so now it comes the end. Sure love you and miss you. Hope I see you soon.

So long now,


The picture Chick took of Snook on the motorcycle on the Anzio beachhead survived after all. Source: Chick Bruns.

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