Friday, August 18, 1944

Dearest Gee.

As you undoubtedly know by now, we are somewhere in France. Where, I don’t rightly know myself. I came through okay so far. It was quite a show. I have three or four picture I managed to take. Nothing out of the ordinary. A couple of different batches of prisoners we took and one of us laying dog-tired on the side of a road taking five in place. Were you all surprised [redacted]. It was quite an experience, believe me. I hope Chick is still okay. Have you had any word from him yet? Don’t expect these letters very regular as no telling what’s happening yet. All the boys you know came through okay too. Some of the prisoners didn’t know Rome had been taken although some said they knew we had invaded Sicily! Of course, they didn’t know about the second front either. Hitler sure keeps them blind, deaf, and dumb. By the way the different fronts are going it looks like this should wind up in a couple of months. We all hope so. Wish I’d received those two rolls of film you sent. They’ll probably get here about the same time the camera did – too late. It already seems like years since I’ve had a letter. Will be glad when the mail starts coming in. Hope you guys are all right. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll be seeing you. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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