Thursday, September 14, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Only got one letter yesterday and it was a v-mail from Coe. Guess I owe her about six months worth of letters.

Listened to the war news awhile ago. Those Jerries are really getting the punishment. They aren’t getting any rest at this end either.

The Burlington Free of Aug 24 or 28th, I don’t remember now which, carried a good article on the Force. Vt. And Montana sure are having a time over us. Guess each one wants the credit. It told about the Isle of Le Vant and Port Cros fights. The articles are all more or less on the same order except some put in a few of their own variations.

I got a letter from Harry and one from Es in that gob of mail I received. He wrote it on his “new” typewriter. I liked the letter anyway. Hope Es got over her bronchitis okay.

I took your picture of you in the shorts and cut it down to fit in the folder. Harry sure has you pegged. He calls you “camera shy”. Says he sure has a tough time getting either you or Francy to pose.

Our chief scrounger just took some cans of stew and traded it for some potatoes so it looks like we can fry us up a batch of spuds tonight. Wish I had an egg to throw in. Expect you’ll have to wean me into the kitchen when I get home. Will start by cooking out in the backyard. The neighbors will probably miss some vegetables but what the hell, we gotta eat.

Sure love you kid, and miss you like the dickens. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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