Wednesday, September 13, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, I scrounged a little paper and some envelopes and I have the stamps you so kindly sent so I’ll try a regular letter. Got your swell card and money order for five fish yesterday. Sho thank you. Am I to understand Joannie put some in on it too? That wasn’t quite clear. At any rate thank Joannie for me. I also got your v-mail of Aug. 29 too.

Sorry as hell that you haven’t got your bracelet yet. Only a month late! I though sure you’d get it at least close to your birthday. Your money order made good time, didn’t it? I’ll have to wait to cash it. Sure would like to cash it in the States. Those pictures I sent were of our bivouac area and while we were on maneuvers. The ones of all the gang and Doug and I taking a crap over the side was while we were on our way to the bivouac area. (We had the G.I.s and really were crapping!). The tub we were on had a limited latrine space so we made our own. It worked very well.

I haven’t heard anything about that Infantry that Tiny is in. Maybe I will later on. Haven’t heard anymore about Chick either. He and I must have wrote a letter to you on the same day. Suppose you have it by now. This is the steadiest I’ve got to write since we left.

The war news still sounds good. Hope it continues.

I have a picture in the camera of the black face but don’t let it scare you. I was pretty tired when it was taken so I’m kinda anxious to see of about four rolls of films for me. I’m anxious to see how they turned out. They were nearly all scenery and shots of Nice I took when I visited there. I wrote Erv and asked him if he hadn’t been to Nice in peacetime and he said he had. That was on his Mediterranean cruise he took. He said at that time the Franc was four to one, and drinks were only a dime. Boy the situation has sure changed now! They do have beer you can buy for a dime. It’s about the same as our near beer and has no alcohol in it at all. The only thing you get from it, is a lot of exercise running to the peary and back.

I sent you and the folks a Christmas greeting put out by the Force. They are both different. They use the “Black Devil” scheme in them both however yours tells all the places we have been. To me it looks like a nightmare of a Cooks tours map. If I’d had enough I’d sent everyone one but unfortunately I didn’t have but the two.

By the time I get back to playing bridge I’ll have to start all over. It sounds like you are more than keeping up our end of the deal. Guess you’ll have to teach me the ropes again. I still think I can beat you in a game of pounce. All I’ve played so far is a little Pitch. I don’t care a lot for that game tho. No one seems to go for bridge.

Well, honey, hope I hear from you tonight. I think of you all the time and sure love you and miss you. Be good. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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