Saturday, September 16, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Feel better now, I just got five letters all dated Sept 1 from you, Mom, Es, Sis and Bernadine. Bernie sent me her picture which was very sweet of her. I showed it to these G.I. wolves and they went nuts. They had to know all the details.

So you are in Chicago again. Guess you are really romping in the stores, huh? Wish I could join you and look for a army (?) suit. That’ll be the day.

I picked up a Jerry helmet today. That’s no hard thing to do tho. Reckon I’ll have to get rid of it as I sho ain’t carrying it around. Thought maybe I’d get a chance to send it to you. Would you like one? Can also send you plenty of shrapnel if you’re interested.

Before I forget, I wish you’d try to get the Sept. 4 issue of the Time magazine. The fellows say there is a good article in there on the Force.

Why should the gals go wild over my picture? Ain’t they got any guys in this army? I’ll come around and let them buy me a bottle of beer, hey?

Sure sweating out the end of this war now. Guess everyone else is too tho. There are lots better places to sweat it out than here tho.

That was a cute card from Es. Also Bernie’s was too. How is Bernadine doing with her boyfriends? I’ll bet she has a flock now.

Well, kid, hope you had a nice time in Chi. I sure love you and miss you. Maybe I’ll get to see you soon.

So long now.


Article on the Force from the September 4th Time that Snook asked Gee to pick up in his letter (pp. 63-64).

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