Sunday, October 22, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, I had another big mail day today. Got your swell package of cookies and popcorn. Will have them for breakfast. Got two packages from the DeAtleys. One had a coffee can poured full of fudge and it came through in fine shape. Wasn’t a bit dry. The other was a coffee can full of caramels. Yep, I’m pretty sick now, and so is a few more guys. I also got your Sept. 2 letter (?) and your Oct. 7 and 10th and one from Mom of the 6th. Yes, I guess the mail is pretty well jumbled up but I’m glad you’re finally getting some. No I had never read the article in the Time magazine and I’m sure glad you sent me a copy. The guys all get a kick out of reading them. Hope it doesn’t bother the folks too much. Chick isn’t the only one that needs that fluid. You don’t have to worry about the drinking, kid.

Honey, if I ever find a piece of shrapnel small enough to put in a letter I’ll sure send it to you but don’t look for it. All I’ve seen would fit better in a box. There is lots of things I’m glad you don’t know about this business. It’s just as well.

I’m glad you had a nice time down at Uncle Sams. Did the effects of that stroke ever leave him? Is he still the same about wanting to take you all around? You mean Bernard had a flat on his new car? Aren’t his tires any good?

I still haven’t heard a thing from Chick. He should be due now anytime.

It’s just as well you don’t know where I am. You know I can’t tell you. Some of these days I’d like to be able to tell you I’m in the next room.

Thanks again, honey, for the package. I sure love you. Miss you like everything.

So long.


WWII era Brach’s caramels. Source:

When I read the bit about Gee wanting Snook to send home some shrapnel, I had to laugh and roll my eyes at how ridiculous her obsession with scrapbook thoroughness had become.

I’m fairly certain “Uncle Sam” is Samuel Royer (1885-1967), Gee’s mother Joanna’s brother, who lived just south of Champaign near Mattoon in Coles, Illinois.

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