Friday, October 20, 1944

Dearest Gee,

Did mighty well on the letters today, my little hollyhock. Got your v-mail of Oct. 3, a v- from Sis, and Coe, and a letter from Mom and Erv. That makes twice now that Erv has written three pages. Don’t see how he does it but he did. Sure was glad to get them all as the mail situation has been kinda thin lately.

So you and Mildred are movie going once more. I’m glad you’re getting to see them a lot since you seem to care so much for them.

I don’t like the idea of somebody cracking your bones around but if he’s doing you some good I suppose that makes it alright. How many treatments do you have to take? I sure hope you get all fixed up. Maybe you need a few treatments from Dr. Barber, suppose? I know I need a few. Long overdue.

Erv told me in his letter about going to Rome but he didn’t say anything about going by way of Anzio. Sis said he told her he went through there. They should rope that place off and use if for sightseeing after the war is over. If you could have seen it you’d go sky high. When I think of some of the things we did there is sure makes me wonder how the devil the Jerries let us get by with it.

Seems like every letter I get from you, you tell me that you haven’t received any letters. You sure must have a gob of them on the way then because I’m sure writing. Don’t have much I can say but if you want to hear the same thing over and over, I guess I can write it.

One thing about you being with Mildred is that you’re not out with Jenny. The only answer I got from her was a card with an apology on the back for not being able to write because she’s too “busy”. Am I being “catty”? I’m afraid you’ll have an awful husband to put up with whenever I do get home. I can feel myself slipping into a grouch. Now, how do you like that. It doesn’t do any particular good but still it helps a little. It’s getting so everything seems so unfair — and lots of times it is. All I’m doing now is sweating out the day. I still may wind up giving up this rating, if they don’t take it away from me before I get a chance. I’m the same as Chick, the old bucks life is pretty tough to beat. I don’t like the grief there’s connected with it. Two years of it now. It tells on a guy too. Well, hell, enough of that crap.

The guys all thought those pictures you sent me were great. I liked specially the big one. Where was the one taken where you were sitting on some concrete steps outside a brick house? Couldn’t figure that one out. I’ll still never forgive you for sending them to me. I had to look at those a little at a time. The shock on the system is too great.

Well, kid, gotta quit for now. I sure do love you and miss you. Sure hope I can see you soon.

So long now,


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