Friday, October 27, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Oct. 13 v-mail today and mighty fine Christmas package. Kinda early for Christmas but I understand the mail situation and t’were mighty sweet of you. The package had this tablet, envelopes, hot tamales (most welcome too), a toothbrush, candy bars, and newspapers. Sure thank you to honey. I got a nice letter from Sis too. Don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all this but I’ve sure been getting the mail and packages lately. Your v-mail had the little poem in it called “Order of the Day”. They guys all got quite a kick out of it too.

Sounds like we’re getting a lot of company over here now, hey? I looked for any sign of Bud’s gang but no soap. Pretty hard.

So Esther Greerson is putting on the halter too now. Funny she didn’t marry Ray. I thought she was always so crazy about him.

What do you mean my name was on the honor roll? What honor roll? And why did you send them a buck? I don’t want anything but to go quietly back to civilian life. Don’t we all?

If you have trouble reading this it’s because I’m writing laying down. It’s a hell of a position to write in but I’se so tired.

What is Jenny going to do in Florida? I must have missed out on a letter or something as I didn’t know all these things you’re telling me. I’m glad, now she won’t be pestering you to go out with her. I’ll bet she’ll have a wild time. She needs her fanny tanned and not by the sun either.

Hope you are feeling better now, kid. Keep me posted on how you are. Wish I was there to see for myself. Sure do love you and miss you.

So long now.


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