Thursday, November 2, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got “boo coo” [beaucoup] mail again today. Had to give up on the typewriter last night before I was quite ready. Didn’t get to thank you for the five rolls of film you sent Oct. 5th. Also got a Christmas box from Mom chuck full of candy bars, marshmallows and even some licorice sticks. I haven’t had any of that for years. It sure was good. Today I got your 16th and 17th v-mails and your Oct. 23 air mail! Now which one comes the fastest? The airmail had the pictures in it of Mom and Dad, you and Mae, and Billy. They were pretty good, weren’t they? I sent my pictures yesterday. One of them is the black face you wanted. There are two pictures of prisoners and the rest are of some of the fellows, and scenery. Kid, I’ve lost four rolls of pictures it seems. I had to depend on someone else to have them developed for me and sent them into the melee. They have been lost. Sure hated it like the devil but that’s how it goes. I’m still trying to check up on them.

I got the answer to the question I asked you last night in your letter today. Namely, who this fellow Glen Albin is. Now that you reminded me, I remember him. He sure has a good job. Wasn’t he an accountant for a chain concern before?

I’m sorry you’re all worked up over those articles you’ve been reading about the Force. The writer painted a pretty bad picture. It wasn’t necessary to go into so much detail. Don’t imagine there will be any more of those kinds of articles. Honey, by just reading the paper you get more information than I can ever tell you of all the changes.

I got a nice long letter from Vic Winmer today dated Oct. 19th. It was an air mail. Sure made good time didn’t it?

So Harry and Es came down again. Sure would like to see little Linda do her dance. I’ll bet that’s cute. The fellows all rave over her picture. How is L. Harry getting on? I’ll bet he’s proud of his sister isn’t he?

The Christmas packages are sure coming in I notice. That makes two I’ve got so far. Other fellows are getting theirs too. It doesn’t make any difference when you get them because one day is no different from any other here.
Esther and Hickson got pretty nice write-ups on their marriages, didn’t they? Looks like he found a nice looking gal for himself anyway. Where will Esther live, with her mother yet?

I feel like I’ve got a cold coming on. Hope not but I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned up with one. Need some of that medicine that you talk about.
Hope you hear from Chick. I haven’t since I told you awhile back. Probably his mail has been held up a little. One thing as long as no telegrams are forthcoming you know he’s all right.

Well, I guess I’d better dash Mom off one now and call it quits for the day. I miss you too, honey, hang on maybe I’ll get there yet. Sure love you.

So long now.


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