Saturday, November 4, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got two “dehydrated” letters yesterday. One from you and one from Coe. I’m getting all twisted up on whether you’re improving from taking these treatments or not. One letter will say you aren’t doing so good and another will say you are. Then I compare dates (if I still have the letters) and try to figure out the latest. I’ll have to write it down in a notebook. You keep on with those treatments if they help you and let me know how you are.
Took another roll of film yesterday. Something got wrong with the turning apparatus and I ruined at least two or three pictures by having to open up the camera to see what was wrong. Still haven’t found the four rolls of pictures yet.

Honey, I got Joannie’s and Francy’s very fine Christmas box. It had cheese and crackers, popcorn, Hershey’s, and hot tamales in it. Tell them I said thanks a heap. It isn’t like the G.I. cheese.

I got a Yank magazine yesterday that has quite a few pictures of the Force in it. The cover picture is some of our boys too. Will send it the first chance I get. I’m trying to stock up on a few things. Would you care for some perfume? It isn’t too expensive here. Runs around four bucks for one of those little bottles. I bought you a handmade belt. It’s velvet and has little figures sewed on it but I think it’s too big for you. I can wear the thing myself! But you can hang it up and look at it. I’ll send you my beret too. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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