Tuesday, November 7, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I celebrated Election Day with two v-mails from you of Oct. 25th and 26th and a big package from the Gehrkes’ and the Neslers’ combined. It had everything imaginable in it. Hankys, pecans, gum, candy bars, shaving cream, toothpaste (two tubes of each) and cookies. I’m really getting quite a supply on hand. Even the guys I’m with can’t eat it all. Sure makes me feel good.

I read the article in the Reader’s Digest you were telling me about. It was quite a nice article. One thing they at least didn’t over do it so much. He is a great general and the boys all like him, at least, the old timers do.

How is Ruth making out now? And Gertie. Is Stuck still working at that General Motors plant? I expect he’s really pulling down the dough now.

It’s funny you haven’t heard much from Chick for so long. I wouldn’t worry too much because if anything had happened to him you know they would notify you.

Gosh, honey, I sure miss you too but someday we’ll start it all over again. That’s about what we’ll have to do too, won’t we?

Hoffman, I believe, is the only one you know that has the Purple Heart. Sure hope I never get one.

Well, honey, guess I’ll have to quit. Gotta write the thank you notes for the packages. Sure love you, honey, and miss you more and more. Be good.

So long.


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