Wednesday, November 8, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Oct. 1, 2 and 30th letters today and also one from Sis of the 30th. She sent me some flints too and the copy of the article in the Reader’s Digest. I had already read it but suppose you had forgotten that I get that magazine.

So you got to see the Illinois and Notre Dame game for free! They really are getting big hearted people, aren’t they?

I hope you washed your hands after shaking hands with the governor!! Guess he’s alright. Guess Roosevelt is back to stay awhile again from what I hear. I’ll bet Joannie is mad, huh! Don’t think it makes a hell of a lot of difference who is in, it’s a cinch we won’t be home till the wars are over whoever is in.

You and Mae must have had quite a time while they were down. Mom wrote and told me about the baby. Seems as tho they need a grandchild from the way it sounds. Wouldn’t mind working on a deal like that.

Honey, I just can’t tell you a thing about Chick. I don’t see how he could be two places tho. Maybe he’s a magician. At any rate, I’m glad you heard from him.

I’ve been trying to find a piece of that shrapnel to go in an envelop but do you know that all I can find would fit better in a wash tub? Personally, I don’t like the stuff and don’t like to be reminded of it. Even after this war I wouldn’t want it laying around the house to remind me of it.

You sure do have a time, honey. You must be falling apart. You say now you’ve broken a blood vessel in your leg? Isn’t that the starting of varicose veins? Gee I hope you can get yourself fixed up. I know I’m a wreck but what I have wrong with me no doctor can fix unless it would be to sign a discharge paper. Getting a bad dose of homesickness. Guess that’s half of what’s the matter with us all.

I wrote Erv a letter today. Haven’t heard from him for a couple weeks. He should be due. He never did tell me anything about his furlough. I asked him what he thought of the places he went to.

I’m sweating out pay day now. Still don’t know whether we get the Combat Badge or better yet the pay, or not. Will soon find out.

Well, honey, gotta write Sis a letter now. Sure do love you and miss you.

So long now.


Source: Daily Illini, Oct. 29, 1944, Illinois Newspapers Online.

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