Thursday, November 9, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Didn’t get any letters from you yesterday but I got a v from Mae, a letter from Erv and a swell can of mixed nuts from Rita and Mrs. Fleshner. Will you thank them for me — I pulled the same deal as once before — destroyed the box with the address on it. I thought I had their address in my book but haven’t. Is it 109 E. John St.? Tell them I’m sorry about the writing but sure do appreciate the package.

I’ll enclose those negatives you wanted in this letter if I don’t forget. I thought you could have other pictures made from the prints I sent home.
So you are having a tough time getting cigarettes, hey? I’m smoking my Chesterfields right along. We get them in our rations every day. Once in awhile they slip in a Raleigh but not anymore. It used to be all Raleighs, Chelseas, Fleetwoods, and every other kind of cheap cigarettes.

Yes, Douglass was hurt but not very badly and he’s okay now. Another Purple Heart! I don’t even like to look at them. I sure worried about him until I found out he was alright, the dang hound. He asks about you and I’ve been telling him that you were due for the P.H. with clusters. Am I going to have to trade you off for a later model? Nope, I’d never do that. Don’t see yet how I got you in the first place. I sure love you and that’s for sure.

Mae was telling me about her visit home. She always writes v-mails but I’m glad to get anything. Erv wrote a three pager. Since you sent him that article that was in the Time magazine he really is sweating me out. I still wish they hadn’t said anything. It would be less worry all the way around.

How is your leg doing now? Am anxious to know what the doc has to say. Criminy, I hope you can get fixed up because you’re going to go through some awful punishment when I see you. Guess you have quite a wait yet the way it looks. Can you hold out? I know it’s tough but please do.

I’m going to try and fix up some sort of package for you. Don’t know when I’ll get it sent but sometime in the future. Will enclose a piece of shrapnel if I can.

Guess I’d better stop now. Honey, I sure love you, and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


Chesterfield, Raleigh, Chelsea, and Fleetwood ration packages. Source:

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