Thursday, November 16, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got five letters today for the first time in about three days. One from you of Oct. 25, one from Mildred, same date, one from Chick, one from Erv, and one from Hilah. Takes in almost everyone, don’t it?

Guess you are really having a time with your company, aren’t you? I hope they didn’t get you down. If you don’t look out, you’re liable to “colass” all over.

Well, kid, I’m really having a time. I wanted to get you some things for Christmas but boy it sure runs into trouble. I got paid my sixty-four dollars but no combat pay yet. I don’t think now we will get it. But, do you know, that sixty-four dollars is about the same as twenty dollars here? At least once I get a package off to you, you’ll have some perfume. I suppose Chick is sending it too. I got you a bottle of “Tabu”. Is that any good? Douglass said it was. They stuck me four hundred and fifty francs for the bottle, so I sure hope it’s good. I wanted to get Mom something but she doesn’t go in for perfume, does she? At any rate the financial situation won’t allow too much shopping. There are lots of things to buy but if it’s clothes you have to have points – sunthin’ I ain’t got even for demobilization. Also anything so bug you’d have to send three or four packages to get it all home. So at present my shopping is very limited.

Hilah was telling me about her episode with the fleas. Man, she can’t tell me a thing about those creatures. I’ve still got scars from that session I had with them in Italy. They have the original fleas there. They fathered all of the rest. That and ants.

Chick sent me a wagon load of jokes that he had received. He knows I liked them so when he gets through with them he ships them on to me. I thought I was really getting a letter from him for a change.

Hope I get a chance soon to send off your package. You’ll probably get it in the middle of next summer.

I got a bunch of pictures too. Soon as I can I’ll send those. I’ve got one that I took of the “girlfriend.” She sure is cute. All the guys call her “Baby” because that’s what she calls everyone else. She is twelve years old but isn’t any bigger than a pint of soap. She never lacks for chocolate and chewing gum.
She looks like she hasn’t had enough to eat, She’s making up for lost time now.

I sure hope that doc fixes you up in good shape. I don’t have a lot of faith in those bone crushers but if you do that’s all that’s necessary.

This is running into quite a volume ain’t it? Must be wound up tonight. Things are kinda quiet for a change. Hope it stays that way. Once in awhile Jerry gets nervous and throws a few our way.

Hilah sent me two pictures. One of Jackie and one of Mary Karen. Lord, they sure are big people now. How many years has it been since I’ve seen them?

Well, honey, I’d better quit. I sure love you and miss you awfully. Sure hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Tabu perfume from the 1940s. Source: eBay.

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