Sunday, November 19, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, I hit again for five letters and a swell Christmas package from Joannie and Francy. The box had marshmallows, caramels, and hot tamales in it. We cleaned it all up last night. The peanut butter is going fast. Sho do thank them for it. I got some old letters from you of Sept. 26th and 28th. I don’t know where they have been all this time. The other three were all from Erv, can you imagine that? Two letters and a Christmas card with a note on it! He’s really on the ball, moreso than I am I’m afraid.

Suppose you’re wondering how come I’m writing little like this. The reason is I’m about out of paper, but there should be some brought in. I have enough envelopes to last awhile but I can get them.

I’m glad I have later letters from you than those two because in there you were sure having a lot of trouble with your hip. Honey, I sure hope you get along all right. You sure must be having a time.

Sure would like to know where Erv managed those Christmas cards. I didn’t have enough of these issue variety to send to everyone so to keep down any arguments I just sent you and Mom and Dad one.

I’m enclosing eighteen pictures I’ve taken. Hope you get them okay. One of them shows the girlfriend I’ve been telling you about. Her name is Jerry but we call her Baby. The others are scenery. One pictures shows some shelling that took place. From the way the pictures look it appears as if we were miles off but looks are deceiving. As you can see form one corner of the picture, I was behind a pretty substantial barricade. That “little” shrapnel sure rains for a quite a ways.

Wonder what the doc did to Mom anyway. He must have used some dynamite on here, didn’t he? I’m glad he’s going her some good at least. I’ve got a light case of the G.I.s right now. Think it must have been the tamales, suppose?

Well, honey, gotta quit now. I sure do love you and miss you. Be good and take care of yourself.

So long now.


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