Thursday, November 30, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, this has been a record day as far as mail and packages are concerned. I got no less than seven packages, and three letters. The guys really put up a yip. They all said how can they ever get any packages when the army has to ship all mine and take up all the room. I got two very fine packages from you, and honey the wallet is sure swell. My other one was ruined when I was on maneuvers and fell in the briny sea. It wrecks everything it touches. Then I got two swell packages from the Bruns’ on Fair Street. They sent me “boo coo” [beacoup] funny books and I’ll bet Little Billy had a hand in that. The one they sent, I believe it was Bernard, anyway it was sure a honey. Douglass took my picture with that one. I nearly fell over when I opened it. Then I got some swell packages of candy and peanuts from Aunt Stella, Aunt Lily (really rate huh?), and one from Coe. The letters were from you, Mom, and Sis. Yours had that very nice check in it for two-fifty but I haven’t had a chance yet to see what can be done about it. Kinda surprising, wasn’t it? I see the C.O. about that power of attorney business. I wanted to make one of those out for you when I was home the last time but I think someone told me I didn’t have to. I guess I should have gone ahead and done it anyway. Would sure like to write everyone a thank you note for those packages but don’t know whether I’ll ever get time enough. I should get a good start tonight. I’m pulling a Sgt. Of the Guard shift tonight and it has the ear marks of me losing a lot of sleep.

So Erwin finally was shipped across. He has had quite a lucky break as far as he i has gone so far in the States. I wish him the best of luck anyway, he’ll sure need it. It’s tough that Anna May has to feel the way she does, and I suppose the baby coming makes it seem twice as bad to her, but they really should have thought of that before, don’t you think? If Betty’s husband has been where you say for two years that guy sho deserves a break. At least tho, he probably never got close to a shell. It’s just being away from home and not being about to do anything about it that gets the G.I.s, I think. If they would let them fight this war about six months at a time and then give them a couple weeks off in the States, we could all fight better. Of course, that’s silly but it’s the truth.

Mom seems to be worrying now for fear I’ll get all my packages before Christmas and won’t have any when the time comes. Ain’t that just like Mommas? She sure doesn’t have to worry on that score, I’ve had enough now that I can just look back and get enough kick out of it for the next six Christmases. No matter how many packages I get, it will never seem like Christmas until I’m back with you and the folks.

Thanks for sending in the donation on that Honor Roll thing. You had me wondering what it was all about.

Well, the war news is looking better right along. Sure hope they decide they have had enough pretty soon. Guess all the radio strategists had this war over last summer, didn’t they? They should be over here and see how this war is being fought and they would change their minds pretty damn quick. I see now they think old Hitler has kicked the bucket or something. There is more to it than just him too.

Well, honey, I’ve rattled on here about long enough. These make a long letter when they are typewritten.

The latest has it that we will get the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and dough but when seems to be the big question. When I get it the deal still goes, fifty fifty to you and Mom. I’m damned if I’ll donate it to these Frenchmen. They are getting plenty the way it is.

How are you and the treatments doing? Are you improving? Give me the latest dope. Sure do love you honey and miss you like everything. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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