Saturday, December 2, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got four letters and another packaged today but no letter from you. Maybe tomorrow. I got a letter from Chick dated the 23 and he was worrying about me. I saw a fellow that said he would be able to see Chick so I told him to tell Chick hello for me and in place of that he told him something else in a letter to him. Lord, Chick had me wounded and everything else. I dashed him off a line today to quiet his nerves. The other letters were from Erv and Mom and a letter and package from Claude and Mildred. The package had a can of corn and a can of mandarin oranges in it. I’m getting quite a grocery store, kid.

Erv wrote me a three pager but said the usual things. He told me some more of his Rome trip.

Well, kid, I had to use the check. Was dead broke and had some pictures being developed and had to get them out of hock. Haven’t had a chance yet to see about that power of attorney business but will the first chance I get. Got to catch him when he isn’t busy. You know how those things go.
What do you think about A. Lily sending me a package? It was a nice package of fudge with nuts and everything in it. Well, that didn’t last long. It was in one big chunk wrapped in cellophane. I don’t know whether she made it or bought it. It was good anyway. I wrote her and A. Stella a note of thanks too.

Well, how is your back getting along, kid. Are you still keeping up with those treatments? You’d better. And when you buy clothes get them so you can let them out plenty. Know what I mean? Sure hope our worries will come to an end soon. Haven’t heard anymore news for a couple days so I hope it’s still going okay.

Christmas sure is creeping up on us, isn’t it? I wish I’d had you send me a box of Christmas cards. Never thought of it until now. Too late now tho of course. Guess they know I wish them all a Merry Christmas anyway. Sure do you, and I love you and miss you like everything, honey.

So long now.


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