Friday, December 8, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell air mail of Nov. 24 today. Nice big two pager written on both sides of the paper.

Kid, you sure have a time with your hair, don’t you. Now it’s short, huh? I still like it with those doodads in front. That’s the way I always remember you for some reason or other. Why is that, do you suppose?

Honey, I sure wish I could help you out on those cigarettes but I’m looking around for butts myself. One package a day doesn’t quite fill the bill when it turns out to be an extra long day. One of those that last till mid-night or worse. I’m pulling guard again tonight but have the first rap for a change. I’ll be in bed by twelve, you’ll probably be getting up.

I’m enclosing four more pictures. One is of a fort that gave us a bad time for awhile. Then there is one of a couple of kids that used to bring us potatoes and vino. Look at him stand at attention, would you? I think you’ll recognize Kellershon. The other one is of me. I was getting ready to put the finishing touches on something. The place is kinda wrecked, ain’t it? I ain’t funny, McGee.

Hope you are over that Charly horse now and that it wasn’t anything more serious.

I’m planning on sending my negatives all home by way of the base censor. Looks like I have to. They don’t seem to develop all the pictures for some reason. All eight of these are good and yet they only developed five. So when you get the negatives you’ll have pictures you’ve never seen on some. One of these was of Sing, our Chinese fellow so I’m keeping that to give to him.

Sure am glad to hear you haven’t got the cigarette habit so bad as to take up pipe smoking. I couldn’t bear that!

No, I still haven’t got the combat pay, kid. I don’t know what the drawback is. It was supposed to have dated back to last January 1st so it should be a nice egg if I ever do get it. Or should I say “we”?

Guess I kinda riled you up when I said you were mixed up on your armored divisions. I was referring to Chick’s as not being armored when you were worrying about him.

I’m afraid you are wrong about General Devers but Lord, honey, if you can keep track of them you do better than me. I ceased to worry about that a long time ago. They change them like the changing of the guard.
I’d like to see the article about the Force. I like to see them all. Honey, the alps are in Italy, France, and Switzerland.

Don’t mention those two islands. That gives me the shakes. I’ll remember that for a long time too.

Mighty proud of you making the grand slam, doubled and redoubled. You really must be good. Will you teach me to play sometime? All they seem to want to play here is poker or craps. I lose alla time. Not much tho.

Well, kid, guess I’d better stop this off now. I sure do miss you. Awful lonely tonight, are you? Be good. Love you like everything.

So long.


Harry L. Sing, the Forceman whose photograph is mentioned in Snook’s letter. Source: the First Special Service Force Association website.

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