Tuesday, December 12, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Boy, the mail sure is coming in slow now for some reason or other. I got a v-mail from Dad of Nov. 28th and one from Carrie of the 27th but none from you, kid. Boy, day before yesterday did I ever get a swell package from Jack and Hilah! One like Bernard’s. Doug, Kelly, and I just mutilated it so it didn’t last any longer than snowfall in hell. I’ve been sweating out that package from you. Sho hope it gets here alright. I’ve already had enough packages to last anyone through a couple of Christmases tho.

We had some group pictures taken today. If they put out any for sale I’ll try to buy some. Hope they turn out alright. Doug kept snapping pictures with his camera and then all of the sudden the film broke. Some of the other guy was using the camera at the time tho. Must of been a tough looking crew, hey?

I’m enclosing six more pictures I’ve had for awhile. Hope you get them okay.

Well, honey, I just got a bunch of funny papers you sent. I guess it was you, it had your Mom’s name on it but your handwriting.

Nothing much to write about right now. I expect by the time this letter gets home it will be Christmas. Sure hope we can spend the next one together. I do hope you get a lot of nice things and have a good time. Suppose Es and Harry will be down and business will pick up again.

I’ll send another bunch of negatives pretty soon. Let me know if they come through alright.

Guess this is all for now. Sure do love you and miss you. Merry Christmas, honey.

So long.


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