Wednesday, December 13, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Guess my moaning must have brought some results in the mail line. I got six lovely letters from you today, honey, and four more from others. Also got three packages of funnies from you. Man, am I happy. One of your letters was that very fine Christmas card and letter. Sure thank you honey. Wish I could have sent you a better card but no use moaning about that. Your letters were dated Nov. 19th, 22, 26, 27, 28, and 29th. I got another cute letter from Billy and a card from Ruth Black, a two pager from Mom, and kid, I wish you could’ve seen the letter Cecil Ozier wrote me. I am keeping it for future reference in case it would help me to get discharged quicker. He told me to in the letter. It was really swell of him to write such a letter. I intend to write and thank him for it.

If this writing is kinda cramped and unreadable it’s because my hands are cold. Just gotta write tho, maybe they’ll loosen up.

Sure was a cute picture of Linda you sent. I think she’s going to grow up to be a pin-up girl. The fellows all think she sure is cute. I’m glad you got the pictures from Chick. The chances are that the only places I’ve seen where he was is Anzio. Those pictures I sent you were the ones that I thought the dago in Rome had gipped me out of. Hadn’t ought to have said such things as I did about him, had I? Sure got them at a helluva time too. I gave them to another guy to take back to the base and keep for me. Glad you liked them but why didn’t you keep it quiet so they could be Christmas presents?

I don’t know this Robert Pettit, kid. He’s never come around yet. We all have our buddies to run around with anyway so about all I could do is kinda keep track of him. That would be easy. My work has been mostly with the third regt. Anyway. I call it work anyway because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Sounds like Dad should be pretty well satisfied with his Christmas present. I know I would. They sure think the world of you, kid, but then who doesn’t – meaning me! I only hope you get some nice presents and have a good time. I don’t think I’ll have a good time.

No, I never saw the pictures Chick took of me on the motorcycle. Did he have any of him and me when I went to see him that first time in Italy? I was all dolled up because I was supposed to go to the city for the day. You can imagine what those Joes thought when I was parading around up front looking like something that should be on furlough.

You’re getting in the big time, aren’t you? Putting your name on pencils. At the rate I’m going I may be calling them when this war is over.

I noticed in the paper you sent, the name of several kids killed that I knew. One was a hell of a nice kid that worked in Dowling’s grocery store. Mom knew him too. His name was Verne Barham. A little blond headed kid that delivered groceries.

Those pictures you asked about were taken in June. Sorry about the grey hair but that’s how it is. Just so I have some hair left, that’s the main thing.
I sure got a kick out of the bus episode. That must have been Jenny. What did Mildred do then? Hope you didn’t hurt yourself any more? In all the letters you never said a word about taking any treatments or how you were. Come clean now. Don’t be holding out.

How is Jenny doing? Or is she back yet? Boy that will probably wind up in a sweet mess. Why do people do such things?

Was Bob Sanford hurt or wounded. Or do you know? There is a difference, you know.

You really must be having a time with those scrapbooks. It sure gives you something to do doesn’t it? The trouble is, I expect you have a lot of stuff in there that doesn’t apply to me at all. Guess we’ll have to censor it sometime, hey? It should be nice to have alright.

Well, honey, I’ve gotta write some more letters yet so had better stop for now. Sure do love you and miss you honey. Merry Xmas.

So long.


Snook on the bartered British motorcycle, Anzio. Photo by Chick Bruns.

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