Friday, December 22, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your Dec. 7th jobby today and one from Mom and Carrie of Dec. 8th. Sure was glad to get them and especially yours. We must both be in the same fix, namely not getting one another’s mail. Haven’t received your package yet either. What are they trying to do to us, kid, cause hard feelings? Would take more than that, wouldn’t it?

I’m enclosing two pictures that a fellow snapped of my section. I have some more of the other sections but will put them in other letters later on because I’m afraid they would be too bulky to go airmail. I have a list of the names of the fellows and will find out if I can send them to you. I think you can pick out Doug, Lee, Hoffman, and I know you can find Willy Nelson! Close has his own section and Kellershon is in still another. I have all their groups but Closes’ wasn’t any good. We haven’t received the pictures yet of the group. In fact, I don’t know whether we even get any or not, nothing has ever been said.

Carrie said she had just been up to have her hair fixed and that you were working hard. Sure wish you would take it easy. Through the holidays you generally get a rest, don’t you? Was glad to hear your back has quit hurting but now it’s your feet again. Gosh, I wish you could get straightened out.

Won’t put much in this letter so the letter won’t be as big. Haven’t much to say anyway. Sure love you, honey, and miss you like the devil. Merry Christmas, kid.

So long.


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