Wednesday, December 20, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I did a little better on the mail today. Got your swell letter of Dec. 6 written on that fancy Christmas stationary. Also got one from Mom of Dec. 5, and a three pager from Erv. Got a nice card from Wally’s sister. She wrote a note on the back of it. I must write her when I have more time — and paper! Got to write small and conserve space.

Mom told me too about Pres. Kinley dying and also Weiesteman (?), the jeweler. Since most of my trading was done at the dime store, I never knew him very well.

What’s this I hear about you and Paul standing around near alleys and talking?? Really, kid, I never knew you cared for red-heads.

I don’t understand why you aren’t getting my mail unless it’s because of this Christmas rush. I write you about every other day unless I hear from you. Never have received your “package” yet unless it was the one with the Dillons name on it but that was sent from Chicago. Was that you, honey?
So Val is furnishing you cigarettes too, huh. You sure have a lot of people watching out to see that you don’t lack anything. We are getting a pack a day but that runs out before the day is over. Douglass has plenty so I bum off of him.

I’m enclosing a couple of pictures that another guy took. One of them as you see is my girlfriend. She would make a face just as the camera snapped. She has eaten so many of these G.I. chocolate bars that she isn’t even particular whether she has any or not. Most of the French kids are nuts about them. She’s the baby of the company tho. The pictures didn’t come out very good, did they? I haven’t taken any pictures with the camera lately.
I think Doug and I will take in the G.I. movies tonight. They have on “And the Angels Sing”. You said you saw it and it was good so now I’ll see if you were kidding.

I bought some of these postcards for some reason or other so now I’ll give them to you. You can pass them out. Maybe Billy and L. Harry would like one. One of the fellows drew the thing and had some printed.

Only five more days till Christmas! I’ll bet you’re right in the midst of the rush. Maybe you can take a little break during the holidays. Don’t overdo yourself and get laid up. Suppose you will get a lot of nice presents. Let me in on all the details. Wish you could get your package in time for Christmas but know you won’t. I sent you the power of attorney yesterday so take it easy on me. Sure do love you and miss you. Have a good time for Christmas and I’ll see you for the next one.

So long now.


And the Angels Sing poster, 1944. Source: imdb.

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