Monday, December 25, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Merry Christmas, honey. I had a good one because I got three letters from you today and one card from Es + Harry. Yesterday I drew a package from Claude and Mildred that had candy bars galore in it, a can of soup (chicken noodle), a much needed pencil, lead, and eraser, and also some cheese, and a gag book. Today I also got your three little packages of those cooking tablets and stove, also the four rolls of film. Sure do thank you, honey, and it will come in mighty handy. Warm up some c-rations on it for you, huh? The packages made just as good a time as your letters because in one of them you said you were sending the things. Your letters were dated Dec 1st, 3rd, and 4th. Also had this paper in the package from Mildred + Claude with envelopes.

Sure have been thinking about you today, kid, wondering what you all are doing. Suppose you had lots of company as per usual. Douglass and I went out last night and we were both so down in the dumps that we really went on a bender. We were good boys tho — I think. Those things help a little but we can’t afford them. As a rule the money lasts about one round.

We stopped in one place that had just opened up. They had a grand dance floor, tables and chairs all around and they were playing American music. We had enough cognac that we figured we knew how to dance. What a mistake. Anyway they didn’t know the difference. The girls haven’t danced for the last five years and they are really nuts about it. They are nice girls too, kid, but no spikka da English. Now don’t get the wrong idea, kid, about this dancing business because it’s strictly dancing. It requires no approach, speech, or anything else. If you want to dance with a girl you nod your head at her, she gets up and goes out on the floor, dance and then when the dance is over the girl thanks the man and back to her table she goes. Don’t that sound thrilling? Well, the funny part is the band double crossed us and started the next song with a French tune. They got a dance that sho is the most wicked thing you ever saw. They dance in one place to get the time and then round and round they go as fast as the devil. I didn’t exactly fall down but boy that sho fixed me. I don’t know what the old sister thought but I expect a plenty. The passes were only good till eleven so the evening ended suddenly for us. Don’t want you to be mad at me now because everything was strictly okay. Sho had to tell you about it tho.

We had our turkey dinner today and all the trimmings. I won a leg that looked like it came off a cow. Couldn’t even eat it all. We even had real potatoes. I’ve eaten the dehydrated jobs so much lately I’m shriveling all up. This morning we had eggs for breakfast, fried eggs! Man oh man, did they taste good. I could have ate a dozen but we got two.

How in the devil did those people know my nickname? You know, I think I met the guy but can’t remember that name. I was with the third for awhile but not that company. Funny her living with the Miebachs, isn’t it? Think I told you about meeting another guy who used to live in Champaign but lived in Wisconsin now, I’ll see if I can run across this Mills fellow.

Kid, where the devil do you suppose your package could be?? Sure has got me wondering.

Now you got me wondering what the devil is the matter with your arm? Haven’t got the letter telling me what you did. This screwed up mail drives me nuts, sometimes. Anyway you say it’s better so that helps.

So you went to a weepy movie. That must have been one hell of a picture. They should have enough of that in real life without throwing it on the screen. Don’t think I’d like a show like that anymore. I don’t blame Paul.

Well, kid, I’ve gotta go to chow now. Don’t suppose we’ll have much tonight. I’m not really hungry anyway. Did you have a good dinner, kid? I’ll bet you did.

I should write Claude and Mildred but it’s gotta wait. Tell them their thanks will be forthcoming tho.

Guess I told you I had a letter from Chick. I wrote him right back. In the argument between you and Mrs. Pettit, I gotta admit you are right. Aren’t you always?

Golly, I wish I could throw off this low feeling. It sure is awful. I miss you something terrible, kid. Sure hope I can see you soon. Think about you always. The war news is sounding a little better anyway now, isn’t it?

Sure love you honey. So long now.


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