Friday, February 9, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got four letters today. Two v-mails and two air-mails. Got your Jan. 10th v-mail and your air-mail of Jan 28th. Got a v-mail from Mildred C of Jan. 11th and a letter from Mom of Jan. 25th. Your two air-mails (Mom’s + yours_ was the first new mail I’ve received. Still haven’t got any with this address yet. Mom told me, or mentioned rather, that Mrs. Cain had died but didn’t give any particulars. You didn’t say anything about it but there must be other letters I haven’t got yet. I was sorry to hear the news but I think they have all been expecting it for quite awhile. I must write Mildred a letter.

I got your clipping of Robert Pettit. He must have been a one-man army the way it was written. There are generally a few more around when those things are taking place but no one ever hears about it.

It sounds like you are doing real well on the cigarette deal. You little hoarder. Mom blames it on the Jews. They get the rap for everything, don’t they. I haven’t received any from you yet, but I’ll thank you in advance for them. They will be welcome. Mom said she was sending some too.

So Francy is tearing up the basement again! Is he going to creosote everything. They are tough to get rid of. If he had one of our fly bombs, he could get rid of them. They get rid of everything including the guy occupying the place.

Lord, I wish they would send Chick home, kid, but hell, I just got a letter from him dated Jan. 22 and he’d just had a five day pass in Strasbourg. That doesn’t sound like he is on his way home. Don’t understand why you haven’t got letters from him. He’s okay, I’m sure.

Well, honey, I’d better stop for now. Sure do love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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