Wednesday, February 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got four v-mails and a package today. Not bad for a little guy, huh? Got your v-jobby of Jan. 16, Mom’s of the 15th and Coe’s of the 17th and one from Chick of the 22nd. The package was from Mae and had four candy bars, v-mail, a jigsaw puzzle, a book, and even two all day suckers. Now what was I supposed to do with those? Haven’t seen any kids to give them to.

So you are planning on letting your Tues. night bridge club come between us, huh. Guess that will have to be much night to howl.

Chick told me about his good break of getting the nice bed to sleep in and the swell rest he had. He must have met up with some swell people too. I asked him if he was making any plans on bringing a gal home with him and he said nothing doing. I was just kidding him of course. Lord, kid, don’t let Joannie work herself up into thinking he is coming home on furlough. The chances are if he was going to get to, kid, he’d be able to write ahead and say so. The first you’d know about it would be when he’d hit the States. If he had a Purple Heart and cluster the Bronze Star, and Silver Star, he might be eligible. It’s a pretty hard proposition.

I sure wish I knew where your package went to. I got your two boxes of fuel for the stove. Now I have “boo coos” [beaucoup] of it. I got a letter from Sis the other day again. She sure has been churning them out lately. Haven’t heard from Mildred C for some time but I suppose her letters are like the rest have been, held up somewhere.

I guess I’d better scratch off Mae a few lines and let her know I got her package okay. It was a Christmas package too. I should write four or five letters but I’ve got a headache for some reason or other.

Sure hope you are getting along okay and I guess you are. Sure do miss you. Guess this will have to be all for now. I sure love you honey. Be good.

So long.


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