Tuesday, February 13, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got six letters today and your package of envelopes and writing paper, thank you! I got your Jan. 24 and 25th letters, a handwritten job from Mildred C. of the 26th that I was glad to get; a nice letter from Florence and a card and letter from Coe and all (Valentine Card) and a card from Carrie and Rudy with a note in it.

I had forgotten all about Valentine’s Day being this month, not that it makes any difference. Just another holiday away from you, kid. We’ll make up for all those some of these days.

In Mildred’s letter she told me all about her mother and it made me feel better to know lots of things. She said everyone was very good to them and I’m glad you helped out, honey, although I knew you would.

She must have had a very nice funeral. Mom had mentioned in her letter about Eddie Wascher’s wife dying. Rather his ex-wife. I never knew her very well but just the same it was too bad. All over such a small affair too.

That must have been quite a little accident that happened there on State St. I haven’t got your letter telling me whether you saw it, or not, but imagine you did. In this letter you said you were inclosing some “more” pictures so I guess there must be another letter full on the way. I’ll try and send them to Chick the next time.

You are worrying too much about me, honey, just take it easy. I worry enough for you and me both and still have some left over.

How the devil did, or does, Harold G. stay so long in the States? He sure has this war by the tail, hasn’t he? I think there is enough left over to go around yet. He’ll probably get his turn.

You talk about worry — I read where someone has the bright idea of sending wives and children overseas to see their husbands! For Lord’s sake what’s the world coming to? I sincerely hope that all falls through with because it would just be a rough affair all the way around. I wouldn’t want you to try it and that’s for sure. This life is a far cry from the States, honey.
Hon, you don’t need to send me any cigarettes. I can manage very well by getting them off of guys who don’t smoke.

Chick sure goes in for those Jerry souvenirs. The guys make fun of a Joe if he started collecting those things. I’m just looking for a piece of paper that says “honorable discharge” on it.

Got a letter from Erv yesterday so I owe him one now. Did I tell you he sent me a second picture of himself? Well, I’d better get started on the other letters now. I sure love you and miss you awful, kid. Be good.

So long now.


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