Wednesday, February 14, 1945 (Valentine’s Day)

Dearest Gee.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know, isn’t it tho. Well, it was a pretty good day for me anyway as I got three letters and five packages. One package from Mom with four packs of cigarettes in it, and four from you of comic books and funnies. The letters were from you, Mom, + Erv. Feb. 1st was the date on your letter so it made pretty good time.

The only trouble with your letter was that you were on the sick list again. Honey, you sure do have a time. I hope that cold is alright now. It looks like you would’ve known if you had a fever or not. I’m glad you like that doctor so well, just so he isn’t stringing you along.

Mom sent me two letters today but the other one was full of air-mail envelopes and some paper. Do you suppose she wants me to write? I do owe her one anyway.

Sure thank you for all the reading material, kid. From the way Mom talks you must have bought a flock of candles. I hope you didn’t go too hog-wild. They will come in handy tho.

Maybe I’ll be able to find this Pettit kid now since you gave me his new address. I didn’t know where he was. Erv wanted Chick’s address too so I’ll send it to him when I write. I got two letters from Erv this week. He sure turns them out.

I’d like to have some candy or anything in the eating line like that to munch on if you can scrape some up. Guess I’ll have to ask to keep you out of the pen.

Honey, I don’t have much in the way of news. I’m still pretty busy but not at dodging shells at present. Once in awhile I get a lick in at the old trade but not often. Not often enough anyway.

Honey, I sure miss you. Love you with all my heart. Thanks for everything.

So long.


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