Thursday, March 1, 1945

Dearest Gee

Well, honey, you’ll be giving me back to the Indians for not writing but I sure haven’t had any time for it this week. I got a lot of nice things from you tho. I got your package of cigarettes and film. Two packages, that is, and four packages of candles. Sure do thank you, honey, you really deliver the goods, don’t you? Those “Wac” size ones should last a long time. They sure will come in handy. Every time I light it I’ll think of you — and in-between times too! Sure miss you an awful lot, kid. Things should be quite a bit different for us when I get home. Although we were pretty happy before, weren’t we? I was anyway. I got five letters from you this week so far. The dates were Jan 31, Feb 2, 14, 14, and 15th. Sure hope that bad cold of yours is over with. You take care of yourself, honey, that’s a direct order.

Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for the stove fuel. I got another package of that. You don’t have to send anymore now honey as I have a Coleman stove. It runs with gasoline. I’ll keep your stove for emergency tho and I have a lot of fuel for it already.

Did I thank you for that sweet smelling Valentine? It’s been so long since I’ve written I’ve forgotten whether I did or didn’t. Gosh, I wish I could get you something but just can’t find a thing.

Be sure and tell Carrie and Rudy thanks for the cigarettes if I don’t get a chance. My writing time is sure limited right now.

No, I’m afraid Chick was only guessing kid, and he’s not a very good guesser. I’ll forgive him tho. Don’t worry about me as I’ll take care of myself alright.

I haven’t taken any pictures lately as there doesn’t seem to be any place to have them developed. I have two rolls to be developed but wouldn’t be able to send them home yet anyway.

I got two letters from Erv this week and a Valentine from the Crofts, also a nice Valentine from Sis + Eli. Got a nice card from Mom too with a letter written on it as usual.

Just happened to think of some more things to thank you for. Namely two packs of Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco and some funny papers. I’ve got so much stuff lately I can’t keep track of it all. I notice you used you Mother’s name on the packages a lot too. Do you do that for postal reasons or is she sending it?

I’m on the track of this Pettit guy finally. If I get time I’ll go see him. Guess he is a company clerk the way I get it. Good job.

Still can’t tell you a thing about the outfit, honey. Can’t you guess? It shouldn’t be hard.

I’d better stop this off here as I want to write Erv and Mom a few lines. Sure do love you honey and miss you like everything. Thanks again for everything.

So long.


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