Sunday, February 25, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I’m going to try and write you a letter but I’ve got visitors and you know how that goes. Write a line and then stop and shoot the bull for an hour. I had a little time this morning and dashed Billy off a line.

I went to see Doug today for awhile. He’s okay. He showed me some pictures of his brother and sister-in-law. I went with him to visit them in Vermont when we were there. They are great ski fans and were ready for a fling at it when the pics were taken. When I was there they showed their films of them skiing. They have a camera and a projector too.

I sent you the Yank you’ve been worrying about. It has some nice pictures in it of the gang.

Didn’t get any mail today but I’ve been getting more than my share anyway. At least it’s been more than I can answer. I owe Jack and Hilah, Mae, and Mom a letter but it all has to be done a little at a time.

Generally we’ve been taking it a little easy on Sundays but we didn’t get to today. Had a routine short armor (?), for one thing.

So Jenny has finally decided to give Joe another break, hey? I hope Joe never finds that out or there is liable to be some different breaks issued from what she is expecting.

I haven’t gone to any shows for quite awhile now. I don’t like to sweat out the line for one thing. I’m not crazy about them anyway.

Well, honey, this isn’t much of a letter tonight but I hope it will do. I sure do love you and miss you. Hope I get to see you soon.

So long now.


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