Monday, March 5, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Received five letters today but should only have got three of them. Poor Coe, she wrote me a v-mail and Erv one and then sent them both to me. I’ll send his on to him the first chance I get. I got two nice letters from you, honey, one Feb. 20 and the other the 21st. The other letter, or v-mail rather was from Jack + Hilah. I just wrote them the other day too.

In your Feb. 20th letter you enclosed a clipping about Pettit. It makes nice reading. I don’t know where they got the idea he has two Presidential citations as he only has one. It must be the fault of the newspaper. The combat infantry badge isn’t necessarily for gallantry in action either. It just signifies that he was up where the front was. The guys all hate to read that line of stuff the papers put out as most of it is a long ways from the truth. If his folks want to think those things about him that’s okay.

Glad you got a nice visit with Hilah. How is her sinus trouble now. In her letter she said it would probably be alright by the time I got her letter.

What was Lee Ingwerson in, in the Marines? Did he leave the States at all? Lord, I thought he was too old to be even thought of being taken in the service. He sure did get busy and can’t say I blame him. I’d like to get busy too — wouldn’t you?

No, honey, I hope you don’t ever find anything about me to put in the paper. To me the Badge means ten more bucks per month. Hard earned ones sometimes too.

Guess I’d better write a few more letters now before I go to bed. Sure love you and miss you honey.

So long.


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