Thursday, March 8, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Lord, kid, I got your Feb 23 letter today about Eli and it sure floored me. I sure wasn’t looking for anything like that. Was going to send a telegram but wrote a letter instead. It would take another week for a telegram to get back anyway. He must have just gone off to sleep. Since he had to go, that was a good way at least.

Honey, you know I don’t care if you let Mildred have the graves. It was nice of you to let her. You make me love you all the more, if that’s possible, from all the good things you’ve been doing. Don’t know how I ever got you.

I sure hope it doesn’t cause Mom and Dad to get too upset. I know they both are nervous anyway and especially Dad. Sure glad that Claude is there. He will probably be depended on for a lot of things. Don’t you work yourself up so much that it gets you down. You take care of yourself.

I didn’t get any mail yesterday and this letter was the only one I got today. I got a swell package from Mom that I will thank her for later and two packs of Velvet pipe tobacco from you, honey, and thanks a lot. Mom’s package had a pack of pipe tobacco in too and candy bars, two cans of noodle soup, Ritz crackers, cheese spread, funny papers in it. Sure was hungry for candy too. You don’t need to send any more pipe tobacco kid. Sure have enough to last me now. I’m trying to send home a rifle but don’t know whether I can yet or not. Will let you know more about it later. It’s an Italian carbine that I’d like to have for a souvenir. I’d still like my twenty-two kid. Don’t want to handle any kind for awhile. Sure love you honey, and miss you. Let me know everything.

So long now.


Mildred “Sis” and Eli LeCuyer, Snook’s sister and brother-in-law. Eli is mentioned as passing away in his sleep in this letter. Eli died on February 22, 1945, at the age of 63. He and Mildred are buried side-by-side in the family plot at East Lawn Cemetery in Urbana, Illinois, near Snook & Gee, Mom & Dad, Es & Harry, and many others mentioned within these letters.

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