March 26 or 27, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Had a little field day today in the mail line. Got your two swell letters of March 9th and 12th and a nice box. Also got a v-mail from Sis dated March 14th. That was making pretty good time, wasn’t it?

The box you sent had a bottle of coke in it, a jar of wienies, a can of marshmallows, and a Milky Way candy bar. Sure do thank you a lot honey. I’m trying my best to save the coke for you know what. The marshmallows are going pretty fast.

It seems as tho I was appointed a squad leader today. It shouldn’t be so bad tho. Have a pretty good bunch of fellows. Hoffman is one of them — if you can call him good, can you? We get along pretty good tho.

I was sorry to hear about poor Grandma Gehrke dying. Have been expecting it now for some time, as mom told me she was bad. Still can’t believe it about Eli tho. Sis told me she was getting herself straightened around again now and was back to work. Was glad to hear that.

So Chick has yellow jaundice. I haven’t heard from him for some time now. Lee had that awhile back and was pretty sick with it. The best thing to do is go to the hospital and get a good diet for a change. Am glad for Chick that the French took a notion to cite his division. It’s the first time I ever heard of the French ever giving anybody anything. It’s a wonder they hadn’t wanted to sell it to them.

So Champaign is in the State finals again, hey. I got the schedule you sent in your letter. Well, I might as well root for Champaign since Urbana didn’t get any place.

I just noticed in your March 12 letters that you said Chick “must be out of the hospital now” so evidently he was sent there whether he wanted to or not.

I’ll have to find out about this Yank magazine business. I don’t believe it is the same one we get tho. In fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Maybe you’d enjoy it tho anyway. I would have to wait till I can get a money order made out. Also some money to have a money order made out for. I’m pretty low. Hope you get the things okay and that it suits everyone. Did you get both Yank magazines that I sent? I’ve sent so much stuff lately I can’t remember all of it. You say you got your fifty dollars okay? Did Mom get hers yet?

Guess I’d better go now. I’m pretty sleepy tonight. Hope you are feeling okay. I sure love you and miss you honey. Thanks again for the box.

So long.


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