Thursday, May 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Honey, I’m sure getting way behind on my correspondence. I just can’t find the time or opportunity it seems. I hit the jackpot again and got four letters from you. Nice long ones too. They were dated March 17, April 3, 8, and 10th. Also got one from Erv, and one from Mom, a v-mail from Coe, and a v-mail from you dated March 15th. So you can see I really am behind. In fact, now that I look through again I see another letter from Mom.

Most of your letters were about the basketball and bridge. I’m sure glad you are keeping busy, honey, that’s better than having to just sit around twiddling your thumbs.

Your March 17 letter and Mom’s too had gone through some treatment as I could hardly make out the writing. They had got wet in some way.

I sure like the watch, kid, and think of you every time I look at it. In fact, I’m thinking about you all the time. Sure will be glad when I see you again. The way things look the war at least will soon be over as far as this one is concerned. It’s coming on so gradually that no one seems to be overly excited about it. I guess you guys have had two or three victory celebrations already, haven’t you?

If I had you here I’d give you the job sewing the new stripes on my clothes, kid. Sure ain’t no seamstress, and that’s for sure.

I haven’t heard from Chick for some time but guess he’s okay.

That certainly was news that you told me about Rudy. I’ve been picking up a few stamps for him as I think he is saving them. Don’t know whether he has this variety or not but they are commonplace enough here. I figured they liked Florence too well. May not mean anything anyway.

So you have your watch in hock for four months. The watch business sure must be good.

What are you trying to do now, get pneumonia. What’s all this bronchial cough stuff and having pads on your chest? You take care of yourself, kid. Time is getting short and I want you in good condition.

I know there must be boxes I’m not getting as you keep telling me things you’ve sent and I never get them. I remember you said you made cookies but I’ve never gotten any of them.

I don’t mind the job I have. It’s fairly interesting work and that’s at least something. I have quite a time slinging my high school German. I’m used as a platoon interpreter a lot and that’s quite a job sometimes. I’m surprised at myself as I thought I’d forgotten it all. Don’t get the idea I’m in an office of some kind because that’s not the case at all. I’ll tell you all about it when we’re in that cabin up at Camp Northwoods and the rain pouring down.

Well, honey, I guess this will be all for the present. You know I’ll write when I can so bear with me. I sure love you, honey, and miss you awful.

So long.


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