Sunday, April 29, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Hit the jackpot from you today, honey. Got a nice one from Mom too. Yours were dated March 18, 22, and April 5. The March 18 one looked like it had really been through the war. It had got wet and I could hardly make it out. It had the basketball winners in it and about Chick’s division getting the Croix de Guerre. Was sorry Champaign had to lose but then you know how it is.

So now you’re wearing a lift in your shoe! I suppose when we go to bed now you’ll be taking splints off your back, things out of shoes, and a couple beaten up mustard plasters off, huh? You’ll have to leave room for me, because I’ll be right with you.

I’m sure getting behind on the correspondence, kid. I owe everybody now.
Well, honey, they tell me I finally have the T taken off the stripes now. Haven’t seen any official notice yet but the first soldier told me today that it had been signed. Been a T/4 for two years and a half now. Seems like fifty years. It doesn’t change any in the line of pay or anything else.

Well, honey, if you’ll forgive me I’ll cut this short for tonight and try to dash of a few more letters. The watch is keeping swell time, honey, and I’m sure proud of it. Proud of you too, kid. Lord, I miss you and love you. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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