Saturday, May 5, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Lordy, honey, I sure collected the mail in yesterday. I got your furloughs of March 8, April 11, 15, and 17th, and three from Mom, one being a v-mail, and a nice card (Easter) from Mrs. Nelson. Be sure and thank her for me. Your March 8 letter had the picture of Anna May + the baby in it. She sure is cute (the baby I mean). Don’t tell Anna May I said that or she’ll kill me.

I notice in every letter now where you have the cleaning bee on again. From your letters I think that woodwork must be pretty near washed off by now. When are you going to let up? Especially when you have Linda there. I’ll bet she’s a little lady by now. Would sure like to see her.

By the way your press notices read, I guess you can coast in to home base on that bridge affair. Eat hearty, kid, eat hearty.

So Joannie + Francy been hooked thirty six years! Congratulations to them. Are we caught up with them yet. If this keeps up, I’ll have been away from you longer than I’ve been with you. Hope Erv at least gets a break now that they have cut it out in Italy. After all he is [almost] forty years old. It goes without saying that Chick should come home, Whether the army figures that way is another matter. Me, I’m just coasting, and keeping my fingernails chewed off.

So Rita and Bernice wound up with Chicken Pox. I’ll bet they sure hated that. How is Rita doing now? Any better? Is she writing Chick any?

I wrote Rudy + Carrie the other day and sent him a few stamps I had picked up and a one mark that we use for dough. Speaking of dough, I just got paid yesterday and drew seventy-nine ninety-five for two months pay. I can’t buy anything so I’ve been joining the boys in a little five card, or black jack and — yes, lossy assy. I have about forty bucks left. Guy has to do something to keep from going squirrely. I’m getting tired playing Frankenstein to the Jerries. Especially the kids. How they found out we got these tropical chocolate bars is one for the government to figure out but anyway it’s practically the same as Italy, France, Belgium and the rest. Wherever the G.I. goes the kids ask for chocolate or “süssigkeiten” which means candy. Yesterday a little tousled headed blond girl about three years old grabbed my hand and hung on for dear life. It just so happened that a bar of chocolate fell out of my pocket and she grabbed it before I could. She looked just about like Linda the last time I saw her. It’s easier to understand the little kids because they speak slower and use smaller words.

Sure am glad I’m not there for the wallpaper tearing off. Can’t you hire someone to tear it off?

You’re both wrong on your guesses but that’s to be expected anymore. I get a kick out of the figuring you guys do. Most of the time I don’t know myself where I am. I would have sworn we went to Attica, Indiana to see some of A. Stella’s relatives. Must be wrong, kid. He said he knew some Welsh’s there. Gotta go now. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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