Sunday, May 6, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I had a field day of field days today honey. What do you think — I got that Christmas package you sent so long ago, along with four more. One package was from Mom but the others were from you, kid, and I sure thank you. We’ve had a section leader meeting every five minutes until it’s about gone now but it sure is good. We can’t figure out the name of it tho since it had no label. What was it? Two of your packages had soup and noodles and candy bars were in the rest. I’ve got a box full of candy bars now as Mom’s box was full of them too. The gloves are sure snazzy. I wore out the other pair already. I like the mittens better. They still will come in handy too. I also got your fine letters of April 12 and 26. Pretty good time. Also got one from Mom, one from Coe, and one from Hilah.

I’m glad you’re having such a good time with Linda and sure hope you don’t have any trouble getting to and from on the train. I don’t like to think of you on those crowded trains.

Boy, the Niebachs sure have had their share of the tough luck. That was the lousiest trick I ever heard tell of in a man. There must still be something the matter with him. Isn’t there anything they can do about it? I sure feel sorry for her.

I’m sure glad you finally got the gun. The letter today was the first inkling I’d had that you got it. Also the other Yank magazine. When I told the guys about those Yanks being worth ten bucks they all wanted to start saving them.

Sure am sweating out seeing you again, honey. Love you so much and miss you like everything. Thanks a million, kid.

So long now.


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