Thursday, May 17, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got this fresh batch of paper today so guess I’ll have to take advantage of it. Some of the guys wanted some of it so I have been giving some of it away. Yesterday and today I received five letters, two from Sis and Mom and three from you. They were your April 19, May 1 and 2 letters. You must be really tearing into the housecleaning in great style. Walking into that closet will be like opening the one Fibber McGee has. What do you mean I got a box full of shoes! Just one of my brogans makes a box full.

Why are you so worried about Chick? Isn’t he doing okay? I thought he was all straightened out. I wrote him the other day telling him the new APO number and now I’ll have to write again and give him another one. Yes, kid, it’s 413 now in place of 544. Guess you’ll have to pass that around now. Sure keep you busy, don’t I? Honey, I don’t know what the APO numbers mean or whether they even have a meaning. Maybe Sanford knows what he’s talking about for all I know. It doesn’t look as if I’ll be heading home very soon. I think my points total around 81 or 82 so unless they change the minimum you can still keep on writing letters. It won’t be too bad but still it’s the army. And I’m still away from you. Chick sure ought to be coming home if points have anything to do with it. That should make Joannie feel a lot better.

Did Mom’s perfume bottle break or something? She remarked that she was sorry the perfume was lost but she was saving the bottle. What happened?

How did your T.B. test come out? Lord, I sure hope negative. You take care of yourself. I’ll enclose some more pictures so will slack off now. Hope you okay. Take it a little easy, cantcha? Sure love you and miss you kid. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


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