Sunday, May 20, 1945

Somewhere in France.

Dearest Gee.

This being Sunday and nine o’clock in the morning, I got a little time to start this letter any way. I’m going to church this morning but it doesn’t take up until ten. I was going to dash Chick off a line to let him know the newest APO number and maybe I will after awhile. I have quite a few postcards and photos of different places that I wanted to make a box out of too and send. Would like to get that done today. I picked up a couple pocket size manicuring sets in Germany that I’d also like to include. You can do whatever you like with them. I sent two bucks to the Yank magazine yesterday for a year’s subscription to be sent to you. It won’t be the same edition we get but I guess they are quite a bit alike.

I’ve given quite a bit of this paper away, kid. Those guys I told you that wanted some, I divided up with. That’s better than making special packages for. Douglass took some of it too. Doug and I went to town together the other day, or did I tell you about it already? We sure celebrated the wars end in good style. I was good tho, in case you are worrying on that score. You shouldn’t. I’ll sure be happy when you and I can do a little celebrating together. Maybe it’s best I don’t come home yet. With not enough points they are liable to take any kind of notion. I’d sure like to come home to a discharge when I do come. Some way or other I never could get with it on those short furloughs. Everything was in too much of a hurry for me. Next time I want plenty of time, don’t you? What do you hear from Erv? I haven’t heard anything from him lately. Lord, he and Chick both ought to have enough points for half the army to get out. Well, honey, I’ve just about written my page. If I hear from you today maybe I can write some more. I wrote L. Harry yesterday too. Sure love you and miss you honey.

So long now.


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