Monday, May 21, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I got your April 29 letter today and one from Mom of the 28th — and one back from the censor that I wrote you yesterday. I wrote you two yesterday, this second one I was answering some of your questions and they didn’t like some of the things I said. Someday, kid, I’ll tell you all about it tho. And I hope that’s soon. Yesterday I got your April 20 letter and one from Chick dated April 21st. Then I got a package from Claude and Mildred consisting of two pencils and two packs of lead. I wrote awhile back and said I had lost my pencil she had sent so I guess she decided to double the quota on me.

You spoke of me having been in countries that I had never written to you about. I don’t think I ever told you I was in Corsica once. That was just before the invasion of Le Cant. I was near Salerno when I wanted to go see Erv that time. That sure made me sick. I saw Monte Carlo although it was off limits. The war just went on around it as it is a little piece of neutral territory. From our line I could look down the valley for about thirty miles and see all the lights of Nice at night. It was lighted up as if nothing was going on. Made a guy feel sort of queer to know everything was going on as usual down there and things so different elsewhere. I also at one time or another saw the Isle of Capri, Sicily, and a flock of others I never knew the name of.

I saw two shows yesterday in place of mailing and fixing up the packages I was telling you about. Saw Don Ameche in “Greenwich Village” and Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland in “Strike up the Band”. I really liked the last one. I saw that picture “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” in Cherbourg and didn’t like it. He sure was a lazy cuss — almost as bad as me.

Guess I had better try to dash Mom off a line now. I hope you are feeling better, honey. Why don’t you stop all that extra work?

So long now and I sure love you and miss you.


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