Wednesday, May 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your May 7 edition today, kid, also one from Mom of the same date. Sounds like you are pretty much on edge concerning the war ending. You can be at ease now. We’ll coast the rest of the way, huh, kid? I sure hope I see you soon too honey, but don’t plan on it. I hope it is this year some time but that remains to be seen. I can tell you about the Force breaking up now. It was a sad day for all of us. Some even cried. We had a big formation with the band and everything down in Southern France, near Nice. The various commanders made speeches of farewell to the Canadians. The Canadian contingent commander said, “Canadians, fall out” and they all formed up in back of us and marched in review before us. They were shipped to Italy and then I don’t know where they went. They really hated to leave too. Then they cased our Force colors. I never will forget that day. When Col. Walter said, “the First Special Service Force is no more,” it knocked the hell out of the lot of us. We went to Barneville and quite a few of the guys went to various airborne or parachute divisions but the majority are still with us.

I don’t have it too bad now, honey. I don’t have to work too hard but it sure isn’t being with you and that’s the day I’m living for. I went to a show tonight. Saw Joel McCrea in “The Unseen”. Too much light was coming in around the tent so half the picture really was unseen. It wasn’t very good either.

I’ve only got a few more sheets of this paper, honey. If you want to send some more, okay. If not it will be okay too. A lot of the fellows wanted some sheets so it didn’t last long.

I have some pictures of Nuremburg too but they aren’t developed yet. Will have to wait till I can find a place to have it done. I see now they are letting the guys out who are 38 years old. Six more years for me. Erv ought to get out now for sure. Gotta go now, kid. Sure do love you and miss you.

So long now.


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