Friday, May 25, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got an old letter of March 28 from you today, but it was still welcome. Also got a nice v-mail from Coe. She sure has been a peach. She writes whether I do or not. In your letter you were telling me about being over to Kramers’ for Eloise’s party. Boy, that sure was a shame the way it all turned out. I know he probably had a flock of ribbons but that’s the air corp. They must get one every time they go on a mission. I can’t understand anyone having the gall to pull a trick like that. I always told you one was enough — and I haven’t changed my mind any. Have you?

I got a four pager from Erv yesterday that I was glad to get too. He told me some of his past history so I wrote him back and told him some of mine. I can’t begin to put in a letter all that has happened. We should have plenty of time for all that later.

Some French stage show came around yesterday and gave us an open air performance. They had some pretty good acts. I went to see both shows more from the lack of something to do than for any other reason. They had one joker who could make all sorts of drinks from plain water in some way or other. He went over pretty good as he would give the fellows a shot of whatever they wanted from his whisky on down. Don’t know how he did it either. Suppose I’m slipping?

Kid, I’m on my way to Norway in case you’re interested. For how long I don’t know. Don’t figure there will be any excitement about it. Seems like the government is interested in giving me a world tour. Guess if we’d of made that trip way back when it would have been lots different. I’m sure thankful somebody changed their minds. Will tell you all about it whenever I get there. I hope it isn’t too long because I’m sure lonesome for you, now more than ever before if that’s possible.

I still haven’t got the pictures I sent to the Special Service last March. I went over to see about them and he assured me that they would get to me alright. Hope he knows what he’s talking about.

I sure hope Chick and Erv gets home to stay. Erv ought to make it on his age now since they lowered it to 38. He won’t have enough points otherwise. Chick never has said how many points he has but I know he is well over the minimum requirements. Still don’t know about this last star yet. It all depends on that for me.

Well, kid, guess I’ll have to stop for now again. Sure do love you and miss you. That’s for sure.

So long now.


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