Friday, June 22, 1945

Dearest Gee.

At long last, honey, some mail came through. Seems to be fairly late mail too as your latest was dated June 8. I got your letters of May 28, June 2, 4, 7, + 8th. That was the postmarks anyway. Then I got a nice long one from Dad of the 6ht, one from Chick of June 3, and one from Coe, and one from Carrie. That is quite a wad but I’m still expecting more. Hoggish ain’t I? I was both sorry and glad to get Chick’s letter as I was in hope that he was on his way home. Guess you all were too, huh? Maybe it isn’t too late. I notice he is a T/4 now too. That’s the first I’d heard of that. You say Erv is a Sgt. now too? I haven’t heard from him yet. I still would like to be a civilian.

I sure was glad to get your letters, kid, and that’s for sure. I got the articles you sent about us being in Norway. I’m glad they gave us a little publicity, but like it always is, it’s three-fourths wrong. I don’t know why they write such stuff. Who put the article in about Chick? Was he wounded? Or was that the time he got run over by a truck? I’m glad he got something from the French, it’s probably the first and only thing anyone will ever get except hell. I’m certainly sour on a lot of this hokum on what they think of us. Enough of that tho.

I guess the write-up in the paper kinda settled your argument with Mrs. Pettit, didn’t it? No, I’m not with the 101st, or ever was and him either. He isn’t a jumper and is not qualified to wear the wings. However why argue with her, maybe he gets a kick out of telling her stuff like that. I’m sure glad you don’t run down to the newspaper every time you hear from me. That one article you sent on Pettit really drew a laugh from the fellows. But Lord’s sake don’t say anything to them about it. Maybe he gets a thrill out of seeing his name in the paper, but I don’t. I explained to you before about the guys all breaking up. Some of the guys went to the 82nd, some to the 101st, but not all of them. Hoffman I think is on his way home. He went to the hospital in Germany for a rupture I think it was. I got a letter from him and he said he expected to be 3.I.’d so I suppose he must be home by now. Kelly made buck sergeant the other day, he’s in 1st battalion and I don’t see him very much. I saw him for awhile last night tho. Lee is in this company and I see him every day. He’s got this life made being Norwegian. I don’t “snakker Norsk godt”. I’d sure like to learn English. Douglass is in Cannon Co. and I see him every once in awhile but I don’t run around with him much anymore. Being in different companies, you kinda grow away from them. Rizzi is still our company barber. Close I haven’t seen for quite awhile. I keep asking about him but never go see him. He’s in with Doug. I guess he’s changed quite a bit but who hasn’t. I never heard anymore about his mother. I know he’s worried about her tho. Does that take care of the old gang?

So you whacked off the hair again, huh? Every year we go through that stage. I bet I’ll have a hard time with you on account you’ve had everything your own way for three years, huh? Do I gotta beat you?

No, our letters aren’t censored anymore only subject to base censor. If they ever catch you saying the wrong thing tho it’s rough.

Honey, I didn’t say I’d been in Sicily, just went by it. It’s just a great big hunk of rock. You know, I’m tiring of traveling.

Too bad you missed out on the radio broadcast. But then you sure can’t keep your ear glued to the radio all the time, can you? Needless to say the Jerries don’t have it like it was before. I can’t tell you all the dope on that.

I’m glad you aren’t running with Jenny if she is pulling tricks like that. Just hold out awhile longer, kid, and we’ll be together. Lord, honey, you know I miss you like the devil. I know you mist get lonesome and miss our on a lot of things but we’ll make up for it. From the sound of the prices you are paying for things, I’ll have to make about a hundred a week in order for us to scrape by. Really must be tough. I’ve sure been wondering on how the food situation was there at home. Now my suspicions are confirmed. If they would tell some of these countries to shift for themselves for awhile — and I guess they are now a little — you’d have more. Either that or somebody is holding back for higher prices. Do I sound kinda pissed off?

I can’t say that Norway is much different from any other country, kid. I was a little hasty in my first impression, I guess. It is a beautiful country but it’s the people that you have to go by to judge that. In a way I don’t blame these people and another way I do. Now, it seems the fellows are having a few difficulties. It doesn’t bother me a damn bit, but it’s the principle of the thing. When we first got here the people treated us pretty cool. Then the write-up came out, that I told you about, and they loosened a little, such as speaking to you. Then the G.I.s started dating the girls and right away the trouble started. I guess the people as a whole are not very well pleased with that and now they have the girls on the fence. They don’t know what to do. It just looks like they don’t figure we’re as good as they are, or suthin. The guys are pretty well fed up about it but as I said when I started out, it’s no skin off my nose. Personally they can have all of this country. I went to a show last night in town. Saw Sonja Henie (wouldn’t you know?) in “Sun Valley Serenade”. It was pretty good. They have three theatres here in place of the one I told you. I didn’t know that until yesterday, so you can see how much I go to town.

It’s warmed up here considerably the last few days. I’d like to go in swimming if I knew where to go. I hear the water is really cold tho. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year here. That sure is a laugh because it never has got dark yet. You have to look at your watch to see when to go to bed.

I’ve rambled on so long here that I think I’ll put off Dad’s letter till tomorrow. I wouldn’t have anything else to write about anyway. I sure love you, honey, and miss you like everything.

So long.


Sun Valley Serenade poster. Source: Wikipedia

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