Monday, June 11, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I have never received any more mail since those letters a couple days ago. That must have been some sort of windfall. Now I’m getting nervous again. Maybe tomorrow.

Went to Oslo yesterday and had a pretty good time. Sober too! There were four of us who went together. They have nice trains. Electric too, but crowded as all hell. Coming back we had to stand up all the way. They have the streets all decorated up yet from the time their king came back and it was quite pretty. The only trouble was that it poured down rain from the time we got there until almost time to come back. We dashed over to the Allied Forces Club and had tea (!) and biscuits, beer, and wound up with a glass of champagne. Every hour they change drinks I guess. They never got around to coffee, cognac, or whisky tho.

We stayed there quite awhile as they had an orchestra (British) playing American tunes. The place was mobbed with British soldiers, sailors, Norwegian soldiers and sailors and G.I.s. They have a separate room upstairs for sergeants and warrant officers so we took that in. We had several beers but it doesn’t do anything except make you peepee. Then we strolled down the main drag to the king’s palace. I was sorta disappointed in that. Expected to see something out of this world and it looked like the post office. It was just a big rectangular building with five pillars in front and that’s about all. The Red Cross wasn’t far from there so we went over there for coffee and doughnuts. I went back for seconds on the dunkers so had five of them. By the way, I weighed myself yesterday too and it totaled 74.5 kg. Figure that one out. Close as I could get is 163 lb. but I had me clothes on, of course. No bottles in the pockets tho. We hit for home shortly afterwards but I considered it a fair time.

Sure wish I knew when I was coming home honey. Miss you like everything. Love you with all my heart.

So long now.


Royal Residence, Oslo, designed by Hans Ditlev Franciscus Linstow. Source: Wikimedia.
The return of King Haakon and his family the week prior.
You can see some of the decorations that Snook mentions are still up when he went to Oslo for the first time.

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