Wednesday, June 27, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got two deluxe packages from you today, honey, and I sure thank you lots for those. One was the can of cookies (and are they every good!) with the candy bars too; and the other was the box of two bricks of cheese things, candy bars, can of chocolate and caramels (mmmh) — let’s see, I guess that was the sum total. I’m in what is known as the section sergeants room consisting of two more bricks and a tech sergeant who is platoon sergeant. So — I didn’t have to give very much away. They sure went for the cookies tho.

We generally have ourselves a cup of coffee an evening and they will go good then. Sure thank you a heap for everything and anyone else who had anything to do with it. It’s been quite a period since I’ve got a box (or it seems like it) but I know they don’t try to get the package to us as first class mail. Honey, I hate to ask for things but there is a few little items that I don’t seem to be able to get through regular channels. The wash rags are one little item. Two of them would be plenty. The wear and tear on them is pretty bad. Also a couple bath towels. Not those great big kind. Something about 18 inches wide by 30 inches long. I have one to my name. I tore up my last face towel to make a wash rag. I also need a couple boxes of razor blades (can you get the,?). I’ve been using a Jerry razor and blades for so long now I’m beginning to look like one. They ain’t worth lugging around. By the way, this is Jerry writing paper too. I have a Jerry cigarette lighter, some Jerry cigarettes and gawd knows what all.

Yesterday I got your May 30 little five-page number, one from Sis that looked like the News Gazette is due for a paper shortage, and one from Erv. Erv sent me his new APO number — rather his address. I wrote him just the other day too.

I’m going to enclose an article on the Force that was in our Stars + Stripes. We got our first issue of those today too. Outside of bulletins we’ve been out of touch with things. In your May 30 letter you were considerably pissed off I would say, because I’m not being sent home right away and was sent here. I’m just sweating out the other five points we’re supposed to get then I’ll feel a little safer. Please, don’t get discouraged, honey, as it’s just as bad for me too.

There hasn’t been a whole lot for us to do around here as we were doing so now comes the work. The rest of the guys are busy policing up the grounds and making things look a little better. Our platoon is erecting a sectional building for a theatre and chapel. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in this platoon who knows what a hammer looks like so meatball gets to boss the job. I’ve been having some Jerries putting in the foundations and the doity work so now the platoon is coming over to set up the rest. It’s a Norwegian building and quite a chore to figure out what goes where. The plans (like all plans) aren’t half right and are written in Norwegian and German just to make it worse. But it keeps the hand in and at least it kept me off C.Q. today and tonight. Tomorrow we have a dress rehearsal for the 4th of July parade. It’s rained the last three days and tomorrow doesn’t look like any exception. I dread to think what the fourth will be. We will probably be issued water wings for that day.

I sewed my new patch on the jacket last night. It doesn’t look so badly. It’s the same red arrowhead only a little bigger, that represents the members of the Force, across the top is the little black scroll representing the Rangers, and in the center a Viking ship in blue and white, representing the “Vikings” or 99th battalion of Norwegian-Americans. I only have the one or I’d send you one. On the right sleeve we have an American flag on. It sure makes that blouse look like a Christmas tree.

Well, honey, four pages tonight should be enough for today. Sho’ thank you for everything, honey. Hope I hear from you tomorrow and that it’s late mail. Sure love you and miss you, kid.

So long,


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