Saturday, June 30, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I got your swell June 4 number today and another swell package from “Mrs. F. Bruns” which must be you. It was chuck full of candy bars, a little box of cheese tidbits, a box of crackers, and two bricks of cheese. We’re giving that hell now. Sure thank you kid and send some more if you can.

You sounded pretty tired and discouraged in your letter, honey. I sure wish I could make everything alright. If you see you’re way clear why don’t you give up your shop? I sure hope we can find us a place of our own, or can build one when I get home. Mildred sent me a little item on Cecil Ozier going to build some houses. Maybe we could swing some kind of deal with him. Lord, kid, we have to do something because we sure don’t want to go on the way we were living. I think you’ll be much happier and I know I will be. It sounds like the prices of houses have doubled. That’s our luck, and then in a few years the price will go down again.

The sergeants gave a dance last night at the just three graders club. Their club hall is sure snazzy. Has two dance floors, a bar (furnish your own liquor), a kitchen, and nice rooms to lounge in. Also a barber, and tailor. It’s exclusively for staffs on up. Now they decided to give the bucks, T/4, and corporals a break and let them use it on Thursday nights. As far as I could see it was a flop. I guess the way things look that the gals are afraid to come. It seems the Norwegian men are giving us the same medicine as they did the Germans. The fellows say that the girls tell them they are not allowed to go with American soldiers! Can you tie that? They were told that through an article in their newspaper. Boy, the guys are really knocked out over it, and I’m afraid it will keep on until hell will pop one of these nights. Let it come, maybe they’ll ship us home then. I went to the show and saw “Mr + Mrs Smith” last night for the second time. It was Carole Lombard and Bob Montgomery so you know how old the picture was. They are all English, rather American pictures with Norwegian print underneath the photo each time someone talks. I stopped in the club then with Prosise, and we had a couple quick snorts of cognac at the bar and four sandwiches with three cups of coffee, and thence home. I glanced in the dance hall and saw about four couples! It doesn’t hurt me any but it sure is a raw deal.

I’m still working away at the sectional house. Sure having trouble, half of it isn’t among those present and we have to keep running out to the dump and picking up more pieces.

Won’t be long till the fourth, kid. Wish you could see us in the parade. I hope my feet and arm doesn’t go to sleep again. I carry a tommy gun now but it’s just as heavy as a rifle. They other day at the dry run my arm went to sleep. Guess I’ll have to wire it onto the sling.

I see (just as if it meant anything) in the Stars and Stripes where they lowered the points to somewhere above 70 and that Congress is thinking of lowering the age to thirty. Yours truly is going to be thirty come fall weather. And you’re only twenty two? Don’t you think I’m a bit old for you? You’d better not!

Do you know I haven’t taken any pictures since I’ve been here? Snapped a couple of the airfield when we landed, also some Jerry planes stacked all over the lot but that’s all. They had plenty. Guess that’s where a lot of them started out from to bomb London. That’s what they said anyway.

Well, honey, Tony is just opening a bottle of champagne, so—. I still have two bottles of that and a bottle of red wine. The Eau di Vin is finito.

Well, kid, I guess I’ll stop for now. Sho’ thank you for the box. See you later I hope. Love you like everything and miss you like hell.

So long honey.


1941 Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie poster.
Source:, Fair use, Link

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