Friday, July 6, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell June 24 letter today. It sounded like you were all out of breath from getting ready to go down to Uncle Sam’s. Hope you had a nice time. Did he ever get completely over his stroke?

Glad the jacket came through okay. I debated a long time on whether I should keep the gloves and wear them or send them home. Since it was warm I sent them but I’ll probably wish I had them.

Gee whiz, honey, I got another liquor ration today. They sure want me to get lit up but I’ll fool them. That fiasco the other day was enough to last me for quite awhile. I still ain’t over it.

The house construction here is taking shape now. I have from fifteen to twenty-five Jerries working on it. I don’t have to turn a hand, just tell them what to do. They have a couple carpenters so that part is easy too.

Tony and I went bicycle riding last night for a couple hours. They have a few Jerry bikes in the company so we borrowed them. Rode all over the countryside. The seat was never made to be sat on and my rear sure knows it now. It’s good exercise tho.

So you only weigh 114 now. Is that from worry, sickness, or lack of ration points? I hope I can fix that as per usual.

It rained again today. They sho’ have plenty rain around these parts.

You want me to send requests but I can’t think of anything I need especially. I could stand some hair tonic as my hair is sure dry. Also some shaving lotion. That’s one thing I can’t buy. I’ll just write at the bottom of the letter to send candy bars and then you send what you want.

I’m sure waiting for the letter telling me that Erv is home. I sure can’t understand why Chick isn’t on his way too. He must be by now. I hope I’ll at least be a little Christmas present.

I’ve got to fix the camera before I can take any more pictures. It’s stuck again. I’m afraid I’ll ruin a film if I fool with it.

This place seems more like a rest camp than anything else. That’s one reason it makes it so hard to stay here. It all seems so useless and unnecessary. I hope we don’t have to stay here through the winter. I’m completely tired of the army and just want to battle with you for awhile now. If you don’t treat me good I’ll volunteer for the Pacific. Yeh!

Well, honey, I could use some candy bars if you can get some.

Sure love you and miss you, kid. Hope I see you soon. So long now.


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