Saturday, July 7, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your nice June 21 jobby today, also one from Erv and one from Erwin Hanson. Erv’s was probably the last I’ll get since that was the one he broke the news to me in. He sure sounded tickled and I expect he was. Erwin’s letter was an old one of May. He never got the letter I wrote him until he got back to his outfit. I’m on C.P. tomorrow so I should have plenty of time to catch up on some writing. I owe quite a few.

I guess they have finally started the discharging in this outfit. They guys with over a hundred points are going to leave soon. That helps a little, at least they are starting! We have all been wondering when the hell they were going to do that. Guess we should have worked for a couple of those twelve pointers, huh! That seems to be sending the most of them home. Lord, kid, I’m sure itching to get home. Everything I do anymore seems so useless. I’m afraid an honest days work will kill me. But I’ll get over that. Even after the war is over with Japan it will still be three or four years before things will be back to normal. But at least we will be together — and right now that’s what I want more than anything else.

My Lord, aren’t the Griersons in this scrap yet? I don’t envy Ray having to fo to the Pacific but then getting shot at over there is no different from over here.

My lighter you bought me is almost kaput, honey, and I sure hates it. For the last few months the little spring that makes the cover go back in place has been slipping out. I keep trying to fix it but now I’ve managed to lose a little screw out of the side. I’m not asking for another one because I know you can’t get any. I have a Jerry lighter but it looks like a dime store model.

I was going in to town tonight and see a show but it poured down rain all afternoon and it’s raining now, so I give up.

Hope you had a good time at Uncle Sam’s but that it doesn’t interfere with your letter writing. Don’t never stop that, honey.

We had another parade today, a review rather. I didn’t go as I had to work the Jerries on the house.

Sure love you honey and miss you.

So long now.


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